Subculture $24 at TJMaxx!

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When the Anastasia Beverly Hills Subculture palette launched last year, the internet blew up with negative reviews. It seemed like no one could get this palette to work for them. People complained that the shadows were too pigmented and that they didn’t blend well together. Due to all the negative reviews, I immediately crossed this off my wish list.

I was in TJMaxx the other day and I decided to browse through their makeup section. Usually they have no name brands and the makeup is broken and in terrible condition. On the bottom rack, there it was. I saw the teal package peak out from behind a black palette. I couldn’t believe there was one Subculture palette. I looked at the price tag on the back and couldn’t believe it was only $24. I proceeded to open the packaging, anticipating being disappointed by a shattered palette. To my surprise, the palette was in perfect condition. I realized that I had to try this palette for myself, especially since it was only $24 opposed to the $42 it normally retails for.

To make a long story short. I tried this palette and I LOVED it! I didn’t have any of the issues people complained about. The shadows were very pigmented but I had no issues blending them out. I did a look taking the gray shade Mercury through the crease and smoked Rowdy all over the lid. It was beautiful and they blended together perfectly. I also did a halo eye starting with Dawn all over my lid, Fudge in the crease, Adorn on my lid and Density on the inner and outer corners of my eye.

I’m not sure why I had no issues with the palette and so many others did. All I can say is that if you have been wanting to try this palette but have been deterred by the negative reviews, try it!

Do you have Subculture? What did you think?

lots of luv – shelrosebeauty

3 thoughts on “Subculture $24 at TJMaxx!

  1. I wanted to try this palette but I was worried about the colour set up as it is quote different to a lot of mainstream palettes at the moment. Do you think you can create a lot of looks with this?


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    1. There are definitely a lot of looks you can do. The dark mattes on the right side of the palette inspire me to just smoke them out over my lid and create monochromatic looks. I did that with Rowdy and it looked so good. I think its a great fall palette. See if you can find it at TJmaxx 🤗

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