Makeup Products People Use That I Don’t

Lip Liner
So many people can’t put lipstick on without lip liner. I never saw a need for lipliner. I can usually line my lips perfectly fine with my lipstick or liquid lipstick. I can understand using lipliner if you are older and need it to prevent your lipstick from bleeding into wrinkles, but younger people using lipliner is just an extra step I’d rather not do.

False Lashes
I have had a love/hate relationship with falsies for a while. Whenever I see a beauty influencer put falsies on, it looks so good on them. For some reason, I cannot get falsies to look right on my eyes. I have very small lid space, so when I put mascara on, my lashes touch my eyebrows. When I put falsies on, the lashes go almost past my brows. I know you are supposed to trim them, but I just don’t like the look on myself. They don’t look natural on me like they do on some people.

Eyeshadow Primer
screen shot 2019-01-20 at 1.53.12 pm
I sometimes put concealer on my lids as an eyeshadow primer, but I never use an actual eyeshadow primer. On a daily basis, I don’t use concealer. I just blend my foundation over my eyes and then apply shadow.

Brow Gel
I used to use brow gel when it first became popular. Everyone bought the ABH clear brow gel… you had to have it. I find now that I don’t use it. I usually fill in my brows with a pomade every time I wear makeup. If I apply a clear brow gel over my pomade, it causes my hairs to separate creating gaps that were not there before. Also, I do not like tinted brow gels because those just make my brows look muddy and that’s not a cute look.

Lash Curler
I like the idea of a lash curler but it’s another step in a makeup routine that I just don’t have time for and I don’t care about. I find that they really don’t make a big difference in my lashes. I am fine skipping this step and going straight to applying mascara.

Are there any beauty/makeup products that you see a lot of people use that you don’t? Let me know in the comments below!

lots of luv – shelrosebeauty

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