Unless You Got Buns Hun

My go-to hair style recently has been a bun. By the third day after washing my hair, it just doesn’t look good down. This means, it’s time to throw it up in a bun for work and make it look like I tried. The benefits of a bun is you can take “dirty” hair, throw it up or twist it down, and you are good to go. You look put together and people won’t even know you are going on a week of not washing your hair. Here’s some bun inspiration.

What’s your go-to? Low bun or high bun?

tumblr_n86p2kuXzN1qi1c6wo1_500tumblr_n9uylhbcI41qk6txlo1_500tumblr_nbravaoHLE1qjrvino1_500tumblr_o11ifxCzMS1qmb6yfo1_500low bun 1de70415497c5ab0c8d9a46ba0d51a640TRESemme at 3.1 Philip Lim Spring Summer 2015 - Backstage/Front Rowtumblr_ny7e06VdNG1tdxwrco1_500

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