Nail the Perfect Gallery Wall


Gallery walls are the perfect way to create a focal point in any room. They allow you to use your creativity to find pieces that work cohesively together to create one giant piece of art. They are great for large walls that need a little extra help. Executing your gallery wall can seem a bit daunting, so here are my steps that make it fool proof.

Step One: Find Your Wall and Decide on a Theme
Figure out which wall you want to showcase your gallery. Take notice of the feel of the room, the colors and the design aesthetic. You want your gallery wall to make sense with the design of your room. Use your creative instincts to decide what kind of art would look good in your room. Whether it be all black and white photos for a modern minimalistic look, or a tropical theme like the photo below. Make sure you have a defined theme.

Step Two: Sketch Out Your Wall
No artist skills needed here. Just a blank piece of paper and a pencil will suffice. This process will help you visualize your wall and make it easy when it comes time to finding art. If you already have the art you wish to use, look through each piece and then sketch it out.

Step Three: Find Your Art
When I decided I wanted to create a gallery wall. I found a website called Desenio that sells posters and frames. They have an incredible selection and frames to fit your posters. They make it super easy to create a theme for your wall if you’re finding it difficult to do it alone.
Screen Shot 2019-03-27 at 3.25.38 PM

Step Four: Measure and Tape
A partner comes in handy for this step. Use your sketch as a guide and depending on your spacing preference, measure your layout. Mark the measurements with pencil or tape.

Step Five: Hang and Voilà, You’re Done!
This step pretty much defines itself. After hanging your pictures, take a step back and make sure everything is level and to your liking. You can always make adjustments later.

I hope my steps help! Let me know if you create a gallery wall.

lots of luv – shelrosebeauty